“How do I play?”

hold down the W A S D or arrow keys to move.

use the mouse to point the crosshairs, which will aim your shots.

click the mouse to fire targeted missiles - if the crosshairs are directly on an enemy, the smart missile will heatseek to that enemy, otherwise it will go where you clicked

the missile will explode when it reaches its destination, damaging every enemy around it.

You can play the game full-screen; use the Zoom-To-Full-Screen icon in Chrome's wrench menu to play fullscreen.

“Should I read more?”

When I play a new videogame, I like to figure the rules out as I go. If you're like me, you should stop reading now - spoilers! But not everyone is like me; some people like to know how to play before they play. Go figure. So, if you're that sort of player, read on!

“What are the enemies?”

cube1Breaks into more cubes when shot
screw20Follows you without remorse
birdy40Can dodge your shots

Requires several bullets to destroy

carries a payload of birdies

“What are the powerups?”

multiplierIncreases your global multiplier
portalDrops you down a level, increasing challenge and opportunity
double fireDoubles your shots and allows you to spray in a cone by placing the crosshairs close to your ship
bombTakes out all the enemies around it when touched
hourglassSlow motion mode
energy cacheEarn 15 bonus energy. Not useful for this session, but you can save up to buy a booster later.

“What else should I know?”

Getting hit by an enemy blows you up, putting you out of the action for a couple of seconds, clearing all the targets off the screen, and lowering your multiplier by one. It's not the end of the world, but think how much higher your score would have been if only ...

Building up a chain of consecutive hits increases your score. Your first hit is worth x1, your second x2, your third x3, etcetera. The global multiplier multiplies your score on top of that, so if you have a chain of 25, a global multiplier of 5, and you hit an enemy worth 20, that's 2500 points!

The chain caps at 50, which will cause a chain reaction, which is awesome: you go into slow motion mode and every enemy that gets hit will explode, destroying nearby enemies, and so on. You can stay in the chain reaction by continuing to hit enemies.

When you get a powerup, a new powerup will spawn somewhere else, so even if you don't want that particular powerup, it might be worth grabbing.

“What do the boosters do?”

Level boosters start you on a lower level where there are more enemies - which can be a bad or good thing!

Powerup boosters put an additional bonus powerup in the starting level.

And ... I think that's it. Good luck!

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